This is one of our top selling systems- Complete 230Vac underground gate automation kit with irreversible electro-mechanical motor for double leaves swing gates up to 3.5m or up to 800kgin weigh [400KG Per leaf]t. For Underground gate motor installations where aesthetics are important.This gate motor offers a 4 year warranty on the motor and a 24 month warranty on electronic partsThere is also a full digital control panel with sensitivity levels adjustment. A favorate with installers, from a point of veiw of being able to offer such safety levels and for ease of installation  . In addition for easier installation the kit is supplied with 180 degree rotation photocells [safety beam] and full ECD Digital scontrol panel for obstacle detection [With option of encoders added] and accessories , receiver card, photocells, and 2 number remote controls

Standard opening 110°. This is an excellent kit for residential and light commercial applications, providing the perfect combination of the economy of a 230Vac system with the additional safety and convenience of obstacle detection and slow down.

Suitable for up to 20 cycles per hour on average


2 x Vulcan 230Vac motors with mechanical stop in open and close. [22F003 & 22F008]  4 YEAR Warranty on motor.

encoders available as an option

1 x City EVO Advanced  [12G041] Digital control with obstacle detection and slow down

1 x MR1 plug in Radio receiver [11B047]

2 x Phox Remote controls [10V001]

1 x  pair safety photocells [13C003] with 180 degree rotation for easy lining up and installation.

1 x Antenna [19A001]


4 year warranty on motor

Geared motor made entirely of aluminium

Levers made of forged steel

The special fixing slots allow the installation of the Vulcan in many models of existing foundation boxes.

Adjustable mechanical stop in opening and closing.

Slowdown in both opening and closing.

Obstacle Detection.with encoders as an add on

Up to 400 kg weight of gate.

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Weight 40 kg

Safe Coder

(Optionally, a) Safe coder (V2 encoder with 7mtr flex) unit can be wired to the motor to measure the revolutions of the motor so that the control panel always knows where the gate is and if it is stopped mid cycle it reverses the motion of travel to clear an obstacle, it is possible to adjust the anti crush level with this unit.

Single or Double Kit

Duty Cycle


Swing or Sliding Gate

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    V2 Vulcan kit:
    This underground gate kit has been around for a long time. Make no mistake: as it’s name suggests- it is tough and explosively powerful.
    This is why we do not hesitate for a moment in giving you 4 long years of warranty= Guaranteed peace of mind!

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V2 Vulcan fitting instructions Manual

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