• Programming via 3 buttons and display
• Plug-in connector for MR2 modular radio receiver
• Management of start, pedestrian start, stop from transmitter
• Auxiliary channel management from transmitter
• Input for emergency battery pack
• Encoder input
• 24V output for pilot light or flashing light
• Test of safety devices before each opening
• Obstacle detection function (amperometric sensor with programmable threshold)
• Counter of operating cycles, with setting of the maintenance signal
• Slowing down of the leaves in the end-of-stroke area to prevent noisy closings and rebounds
• Input status monitoring via display
• Energy Saving function to reduce consumption in stand by to a minimum
• Version with CITY2 + L switching power supply
• Also available in the CITY2 + BC version prepared for operation with the ECO-LOGIC system (this version does not have a transformer and power supply board
Weight 2 kg


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V2 City2+ MANUAL