FAAC Underground gate kit for leafs up to 500 kg and up to 2.5 metre in width

The New 770N Faac underground operator ,The 770N replaces the 770 operator, they are completely interchangeable. Installation into the foundation box is the same as the previous model and none of the accessories have changed. Underground operator for residential swing-leaf gates with single-leaf of 2.5m Max weight of 500kg As it is installed below the surface, it does not change the appearance of the gate. Anti-crushing protection is ensured by an electronic device installed on the control board, which directly controls drive torque. In case of emergency, manual operation is assured by a special lever release system with customised key, accessible from both inside and outside Now available with Mechanical Limits for the Open and Closed positions included in the Kit at no additional cost to you. The kit now comes with the more advanced control panel the E145 which is able to connect the Faac safecoders to it. These are not included in the kit but may be added on if required for a better and safer system.[below in related products]

Corrosion-proof coating highly resistant to atmospheric agents, absolute weather -proofing, operator in protection class IP 67 all these are plus points in addition to the undoubted advantages of long life and safety assured by FAAC’s electro-mechanical technology. When maintenance is necessary the operator can be simply removed from the foundation box without removing the gate leaf. 770 N Underground electro-mechanical operator for residential swing-leaf gates with single-leaf length of 3.50 m and max weight of 500 kg Invisible operator.Maximum anti-crushing safety thanks to the exclusive electronic device in the 452 MPS – 455 D control unit (mod. 770N)

Access to the operator is possible without removing the leaf Protection class IP 67

Kit Includes


2 X 770N underground Motors ONLY-230 volt NEW VERSION

1 X Control panel NOW the newer E145 which safe coders can be added to as an option!

Set of safety beams

2 x remote controls

Receiver card to activate remote controls

Weight 30 kg
Swing Gate: Operator placement


Operator Type



Safe Coder

(Optionally, a) Safe coder (encoder) unit can be wired to the motor to measure the revolutions of the motor so that the control panel always knows where the gate is and if it is stopped mid cycle it reverses the motion of travel to clear an obstacle, it is possible to adjust the anti crush level with this unit.

Single or Double Kit

Swing or Sliding Gate


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