V2 PHOX 2 channel remote control for control of v2 gate automation systems

Replaces the older Pheonix remote controls. Compatable with MR1 , MR2 ,wally receiver units ,City 1 gate controlers ,Flexy 2 gate controlers and many more V2 units.

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DIDNT BUY THE SYSTEM FROM AUTOGATE SYSTEMS THE CODE “CONTR MAY BE DIFFERENT AND MAY NOT WORK, as there are many different control codes available ,so for example if your control code is 002 or 111 or some other code these remotes will not work on your system. If you  dont know the contr code and cant get it, you can purchase the wally 1 hard wire receiver unit and have this wired in by your installer and then proceed to order further remotes from us if you wish. This wont effect your exsiting remotes as it is a seperate hard wired receiver unit. AS THIS IS A SECURITY PRODUCT FOR SECURITY REASONS WE CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON THIS PRODUCT.

If you purchased contr 694 code remotes from us in the past, or the system came from us  the remotes can be programmed .

The contr. code must be 694 or they wont work. The receiver that is in the panel is locked to whatever the contr code is on the remotes that were originally used and unless you know this or you have purchased the system form us, remotes with a different code wont work.Unfortanatly its not always possible to know what the contr. code is ,as the label on the back of the remotes are illegible over time . In this case if the code is unknown it may be worth getting a new receiver and starting fresh! The remote with  694 are the only remotes we stock so please dont order unless you have this code and we wont know either if its not on the sticker of the PHOX or other.


Weight .5 kg


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