KIBO Wireless keypad for v2 automation . Simply connects with the V2 Receiver on the control panel to operate the gate or door.

9 Channel  433.92mhz p.pass Transmitter – Coidfied – Wall mounted


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Weight 0.250 kg

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    Very handy 13-key wireless keypad, used to control gates, doors or anything equipped with a V2 receiver. The support is in galvanized steel and the keyboard is in plastic. The keys are back-lighted in red during use. The keypad has 2 channels, which can be set i.e. (Ch1) for partial opening and (Ch2) for full opening. For example, code 34A commands partial opening and 28B commands full opening. Of course, you can open AND close with the same code. Programming is very simple, it is the same method as for remote controls except that instead of a button to be programmed, it is a code. CAUTION, remember to customize the factory codes because they are all the same so anyone could open your gate. Everything is explained nicely in the instructions. You can use it in parallel with remote controls. With this keypad, you can give a code to a postman, or neighbor if needed… As usual at V2: the high quality is there.
    AND the batteries last very long in Irish temperature conditions…

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