230V irreversible electromechanical rack actuator motor  for sliding gates weighing up to 2200 kg


Motor and digital control panel

2 Remote Phox controls

Set of photocells 180 degree rotation for easy fitting

MR2 Receiver card

Obsticle Detection with Encoder

  • Built-in digital control unit
  • Double condenser system with cooling fan
  • Painted aluminium casing
  • Accurate and safe operation with encoder
  • Obstacle detection
  • Self-learning of opening and closing times
  • Synchronized operation of two motors using the SYNCRO module
  • Magnetic limit switches, all accurate and reliable over time
  • Possibility to fit an M6 pinion

1350311489 Dimensioni Forteco - V2 FORTECO 2200 sliding gate kit


Weight 10 kg

V2 Gates


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forteco 2 - V2 FORTECO 2200 sliding gate kit V2 FORTECO 2200 sliding gate k...

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