WALLY 1 Stand Alone Receiver with antenna for outdoor use.
12/24V outdoor receivers / 433.92 / Personal Pass – Royal
• Operates with Royal or Personal Pass series transmitters: the first remote control to be memorised determines the mode of operation; Royal or Personal Pass
• 433.92 MHz and 868.30 MHz version
• 1, 2 and 4 channel version [This is the 1 channel Version]
• Monostable, bistable or timer operating logic
• Possibility to store up to 1008 different codes
• Sequential storage of transmitters
• Memory full warning
• Self-learning of transmitters managed by radio
• Management of the replacement transmitter
• It is possible to enable or disable the ROLLING CODE mode
• Basic programming using button P1 or advanced programming using the PROG2 programming device and WINPPCL software
• Plug-in terminal board
Weight 0.5 kg


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Wally 1 Manual

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