WALLY 1 Stand Alone Receiver with antenna for outdoor use.For V2 GATE SYSTEMS ONLY
PLEASE NOTE:if used with old v2 remotes the receiver will be locked with the old contr code and you may not be able to program new remotes . Unless you know the code on the old remotes you are using ,it will not be possiable to add new remote controls unless they have the same control code. If you dont know the contr code we suggest purchasing new V2 Phox  remote controls from our website and not using your old ones , as in this way you can always add additional remotes which will have the same contr code. We will not be able to know your old remote control  code and if we cannot accept returns if locked with unknown codes not purchased from us!
12/24V outdoor receivers / 433.92 / Personal Pass – Royal
• Operates with Royal or Personal Pass series transmitters: the first remote control to be memorised determines the mode of operation; Royal or Personal Pass
• 433.92 MHz and 868.30 MHz version
• 1, 2 and 4 channel version [This is the 1 channel Version]
• Monostable, bistable or timer operating logic
• Possibility to store up to 1008 different codes
• Sequential storage of transmitters
• Memory full warning
• Self-learning of transmitters managed by radio
• Management of the replacement transmitter
• It is possible to enable or disable the ROLLING CODE mode
• Basic programming using button P1 or advanced programming using the PROG2 programming device and WINPPCL software
• Plug-in terminal board
Weight 0.5 kg


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Wally 1 Manual

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