FAAC e145-extended-manual-732784FAAC E145S Control Board

Key features

  • A new wide range switching power supply unit with improved performance and a non-removable plastic cover.
  • Integrated resistive safety edge inputs allowing the connection of 8.2 KOhm safety edges without the need for an additional controller. Two new independent inputs are provided, one for opening and one for closing.
  • An increase capacity processor allowing the addition of more features via sim ply connect in the future.

Product details

The new E145s electronic control board for 230v systems (Pt No 790076), is now available. This board will replace the current E145 board and has been introduced in preparation for the launch of Simply Connect later in the year.This panel is also compatable with 455/ 455d and has the same plug connections.

The E145s continues to have the plug in connector for connectivity modules, which will allow the programming of the board through Simply Connect when it is launched later in the year. The USB B connector has been removed which means that you will no longer be able to make a direct connection with a laptop to program with the older EasyBoard software, however 3rd level programming features can still be activated by downloading the EasyBoard programming to a USB key and then using the key to upload the programming to the board. The Plug in connection blocks are still the same as with the Older 455d control panels and is a replacement board for these also.


Weight 1 kg


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