Key features
  • A new wide range switching power supply unit with improved performance and a non-removable plastic cover.
  • Integrated resistive safety edge inputs allowing the connection of 8.2 KOhm safety edges without the need for an additional controller. Two new independent input are provided, one for opening and one for closing.
  • An increase capacity processor allowing the addition of more features via simply connect in the future.
Product details

This is the new E145s electronic control board for 230v systems (Pt No 790076) which  replaces the current E145 board and has been introduced in preparation for the launch of Simply Connect later in the year.

This control panel can Directly replace the 455d Controller, as the plugs can be placed directly into the new E145S.


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Faac E145s Control panel for gates FAAC E145 Control Panel for 23...

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