FAAC 455d Control board for double swing gates



Power supply 230 V~ ( +6% -10%)

– 50 Hz Absorbed power 10 W Motor max. load 800 W

Accessories max. load 0,5 A Electric lock max. load 15 VA Operating ambient temperature -20 °C +55 °C

Protection fuses 2 (see fig. 1) Function logics Semi-automatic / Automatic / Safety devices / “Stepped” semi-automatic / “Stepped” automatic / “Stepped” Safety devices / Semi-automatic B / Dead-man C Opening/closing time Programmable (from 0 to 120 s) Pause time Programmable (from 0 to 4 min.) Closing leaf delay Programmable (from 0 to 4 min.) Opening leaf delay 2 s (can be excluded)

Thrust force Adjustable on 50 levels for each motor Terminal board inputs Open / Open free leaf / Stop / Limit-switch Opening safety devices / Closing safety devices / Power supply + Earth Terminal board outputs Flashing lamp – Motors –

24 Vdc accessories power supply- 24 Vdc indicator-light – Fail safe – 12 Vac electric lock power supply Programmable functions Logic – Pause time – Thrust Force – Torque at initial thrust Opening and closing leaf delay – Reversing stroke – Over-pushing stroke – indicatorlight – Pre-flashing – Electric lock – Fail safe – Safety devices logic – Assistance request – Detection time of obstacle or contact point Learning function Simple or complete work time learning, with or without Limit-switch and/or Gatecoder

Now replaced with the newer E145S Version which has the same fixings and terminal plugs and parameters [with a number of additional new ones]



Weight 2 kg


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