Came gate remote control TOP 432 NA Replaced by 432EE [Newer version]433mhz This newer remote has gray buttons and grey cover.

Replacing older 433 TOP432 Models ( TOP432NA, TOP432S, TOP432EV) Features: 433.92MHz Frequency

Two Button Keyfob Fixed Code Uses 2x 3V CR2016 Lithium Batteries (Included)

Working temperature: -20°C + 55°C

Dimensions: 68x32x13 mm

Weight: 16g Range: 50m – 150m

Replaces TOP-432A, TOP-432M, TOP-432NA, TOP-432S, TOP-432SA, TOP-434A, TOP-434M, TOP-434NA, TOP-434MA, TOP-434NA and TOP432EV.

Weight 1 kg


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