Cellcom PRIME With Prox Reader

Advanced GSM (4G) Intercom with Proximity Card Reader
(Option with keypad available)

AES Cellcom Prime GSM INTERCOM With Prox info

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Never miss a caller with a GSM intercom!
Calls your phone/mobile device when a visitor presses the call button.

  • Add up to 200 cards or tags to intercom remotely by SMS text or app!

  • Add up to 20 time restricted tags or cards by app!

  • Add keypad codes by app

  • Issue time restricted codes

  • High gain antenna as standard

  • 2 x Relays

  • User history log to your phone

  • Do not disturb watershed time

  • Set automatic gate open & close times

Free app for homeowners to:
– trigger a gate opener,
– set up automatic opening and closing times,
– create new access codes,
– receive notifications upon entry, etc.
Free installer app for remote programming and diagnostics.



Set the automatic opening and closing times of the gate.

  • Adjustable “do not disturb” times.
  • Users sign in on their phone.
  • Illuminated call button and dial pad.
  • Add keyboard codes through the app.
  • Enter time-limited codes.
  • High performance antenna

In the box

  • 1 x Caller Station door opener.
  • 1 x antenna.
  • 1 x power supply.
  • Free downloadable app
Weight 2.5 kg
With or Without Keypad?



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Technical Details
Dial Out Numbers 4
Permanent Codes 200
Time Restricted Codes 20
Temporary Codes 30
Automatic Trigger Events
per Week
Caller ID Numbers 100
Time Restricted Caller ID
Relays 2
Relay Type N/C and N/O
Relay Load 2 amps, 24v ac max
Power Consumption 300mA on dial out, 2amp peak
Modem Models 4G Europe, 4G USA, 4G AUS/NZ
Power Supply 24v dc (24v 2A dc adaptor
Tag/Card Quantity  200 permanent, 20 time
restricted, 30 temporary

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